An arena for the development of innovations and knowledge within maritime safety, security and environment

Project Implementation Period: 
January 2011 - January 2014
Specific Funding Programme: 

EUBSR Project

About the Project: 

Baltic Maritime Science Park (BMSP) constitutes the first concept of an arena aiming at stimulating a dynamic cluster development in the Baltic Sea Region.

The cluster is organized as a network with nodal points all over the Baltic Sea Region. The stakeholders involved in the BMSP belong to the following categories:

  • Public authorities (national, regional and local authorities)
  • Universities and research institute
  • Business
  • Non-governmental organizations

The BMSP shall serve as a meeting place aiming at match making between these 4 categories of stakeholders. The exchange between these players is expected to stimulate the development of new ideas, innovations, research and business – all in all, new employment opportunities. The forum is both digital, through informative and interactive webpage functions, as well as physical through meetings, seminars, workshops and round table discussions.