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Sub-activity 1.1.2. Defining and analysing existing conditions in the maritime space


The aim of the sub-activity 1.1.2. is to define and analyse the existing conditions in the maritime space of Bulgaria and Romania: on the basis of the first MARSPLAN-BS project results, and also on any updated information and recent changes, in order to identify the existing and possible conflicts and synergies between maritime uses (user-user), and maritime uses and the environment (user-environment).

The main steps Involved in the work include: a) collecting and mapping on a territorial sea scale the information on environmental, geological, cultural and marine characteristics; b) collecting and mapping on a territorial sea scale information on maritime activities; c) identifying existing and possible conflicts and synergies between maritime uses and maritime uses and the environment.

The spatial information on environmental, geological, economic, cultural and marine characteristics are updated, taking into account the recent changes in the dynamic marine environment. This report forms an integral part of the updated initial assessment of the Bulgarian and Romanian maritime space and therefore its overall structure follows that of the detailed study of the previous MARSPLAN-BS including identified knowledge gaps and updated, newly available information for maritime uses and the environment. The content comprises a comprehensive description and analysis of current existing conditions of the maritime areas of both countries and as these conditions are dynamic both in time and space, it should be considered as a “document in progress”.  

Application in MSP:
Type of Issue:
Stage of MSP cycle:
Cross-border / trans-national aspect:
Coherence with other processes:
Key words:

Questions this practice may help answer:

  • What are the specific characteristics of the Black Sea basin?
  • What is the current state of the existing conditions of the marine environment in Bulgaria and Romania?
  • What is the potential for cross-border maritime spatial planning between Bulgaria and Romania?

Implementation Context: 

Governance context - describes the Institutional structure and capacity in both countries for MSP Implementation;

Environmental context - supports further efforts for marine environment protection, existing ecosystems and biodiversity;

Economic context - identifies the priorities In the Blue economy sectors.


The general aims are: to compare recent changes in the marine environment in both countries; to update the information and database on the basis of which to analyse and to assess the current situation, conflicts and synergies and to generate common maps for the identified cross-border area for MSP.


The method employed for this sub-activity 1.1.2 uses geospatial and comparative analyses and Impact Assessments.

Main Outputs/Results: 

Defined and adjusted common legislative, spatial, thematic and temporal framework analysed environmental, geological, cultural and marine characteristics, maritime sectors development and uses of the existing resources; systematised findings and conclusions regarding the knowledge and information gaps, possible synergies and conflicts; common maps produced and database updated.   


The findings and results of the study on the existing conditions, as well as the methods used could be applicable to the national MSPs in both countries, as well as in the other countries in the Black Sea region.

Responsible Entity:

Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Bulgaria (MRDPW).

Costs / Funding Source:

Co-funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund of the EU.

Contact person:

 Angel Gyorev, Senior Associate in European projects and programmes management.

"Preselection and contracting" Dept. DG "Strategic planning and programmes for regional development".