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Methodology for analysis and integration of LSI In the cross-border MSP - Implementation of LSI-MSP methodology in Shabla Case Study


This report is developed within the framework of the MARSPLAN-BS-II project that supports coherent, cross-sectoral Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) in Bulgaria and Romania, under the framework of MSP Directive 2014/89/EU, establishing a stable mechanism for work in this area. The report is part of the WP2 'Connecting cross-border with national MSP', and Activity 2.3 'Integration of Land-Sea Interactions (LSI) in MSP for the cross-border region.'

Application in MSP:
Type of Issue:
Type of practice:
Stage of MSP cycle:
Key words:

Questions this practice may help answer:

  • How to develop a methodology for analysis and integration of LSI in MSP?
  • How can it be applicable to MSP in Bulgaria and Romania?

Implementation Context:

This report has been developed under the MARSPLAN-BS II project, specifically WP2 'Connecting cross-border with national MSP', and Activity 2.3 'Integration of Land-Sea Interactions (LSI) in MSP for the cross-border region.'

Aspects / Objectives:

The document aims to develop relevant methodology for analysis and Integration of LSI in the MSP that would be used as guidance for further repetition models applicable to the national MSP plans of Bulgaria and Romania.


Adapting the SUPREME project approach to LSI, the MARSPLAN-BS II LSI methodology includes a step-wise process considering an initial and more general stocktaking phase (PART 1), followed by an in-depth analysis about most relevant interactions (PART B), and concluding with a final phase (PART C) to inform the planning process on the key outcomes from LSI analysis.

Main Outputs / Results:

This report explores the possibilities to identify and practically work on important aspects of the LSI in the cross-border region of Bulgaria and Romania.

Results of this study are resumed in 13 key messages to integrate the LSI results In MSP.


The proposed methodology is flexible and can be used in similar cases.

Responsible Entity:

Center for Coastal and Marine Studies (CCMS)

Costs / Funding Source:

The work described in this report was supported by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund of the European Union through the Agreement: EASME/EMFF/2018/ - MARSPLAN-BS II.

Contact person:

Hristo Stanchev, Margarita Stancheva