Methodological Assistance for the Outermost Regions to Support Their Efforts to Develop Blue Economy Strategies

European Commission


This report from the European Commission provides guidance for the development of blue economy strategies in the outermost regions of European countries. The European Union is dedicated to supporting and accompanying the Outermost Regions (OR) in their sustainable development. The objective is to present the current level of progress for each OR in realising their blue economy strategy and to provide a comprehensive step by step approach to achieve it.

Sea Basin(s): 
September 2020
Application in MSP: 
Unknown effect
Not sector specific
Type of Issue: 
Economic aspects
Environment aspects
Social aspects
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Cross-border / trans-national aspect: 
Coherence with other processes: 
Common Fisheries Policy
Renewable Energy Directive

Questions this practice may help answer:

  • What are the challenges faced by the Outermost Regions?
  • What are the main blue economy sectors in the Outermost Regions?
  • What is the state of play of the blue economy in each Outermost Regions?
  • What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for blue economy in each of the Outermost Regions?

Implementation Context:

This report has been drafted by the European Commission within the context of the European Green Deal, which, in its commitment to tackling environmental related challenges, is particularly important to the ORs that are facing the brunt of climate challenge. The EU has been working with the Outermost Regions (ORs) to develop economic activities that can sustainably address these challenges head on.

Aspects / Objectives:

This report aims to provide guidance and support to the authorities in charge of writing and implementing their blue economy strategy.


To assist the ORs, this guidance document provides a step by step approach to writing a blue economy strategy, providing:

- a SWOT analysis

- instructions on consulting relevant stakeholders

- support for writing the strategy

- instructions on implementation, monitoring and evaluation processes

Main Outputs / Results:

Several key insights and lessons learnt can be found in this guidance document to best accompany the ORs in developing their strategies.


This practice is intended for the specific context of the outermost regions of the European Union countries; it is therefore not transferable. 

Responsible Entity:

Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (European Commission)

Funding Source:

Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (European Commission)

Contact person:

Manuel Pleguezuelo