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Med-Biodiversity Community Platform


The Med-Biodiversity Community Platform is a digital community that brings together researchers, managers, public authorities and environmental institutions in 11 thematic projects under the umbrella of 1 horizontal initiative from the PANACeA project.

Application in MSP:
Type of Issue:
Type of practice:
Stage of MSP cycle:
Cross-border / trans-national aspect:
Key words:

Questions this practice may help answer:

How can environmental data be communicated across different stakeholders?

Implementation Context:

Under the general objective of the PANACeA project to streamline networking and management of Protected Areas in the Mediterranean, this platform aims to foster synergies between policy makers, managers, scientific community and stakeholders through this community tool. 

Aspects / Objectives:

The objective of this community is to foster an ecosystem-based approach to nature conservation through:

  • Scientific syntheses with clear messages and recommendations for use in management and to inform and influence current policy in the form of factsheets, technical and policy papers, and media materials;
  • Spatial tools and databases to generate new knowledge and better integrate past and current datasets from related projects; and
  • Enhanced communication and learning through networking and showcasing the outputs of the whole community of projects in key events and fora.


Designing a map viewer and a catalogue viewer for data regarding Protected Areas in the Mediterranean through the development of a geodata portal and a digital library. 

Main Outputs / Results:

A web-based community platform and data base, displaying information relevant to the Med Biodiversity Community on certain themes. 

Map viewer interface

Snapshot of document library resources

Snapshot of data portal resources


This community tool for exchange and communication of information for Protected Areas in the Mediterranean could be methodologically replicated into other sea-basins as well as being used to inform MSP processes in the region.    

Responsible Entity: 


Costs / Funding Source:

Interreg MED Programme 2014-2020

Contact person:

Dania Abdul Malak
European Topic Centre at University of Malaga, ETC-UMA
E-mail: (daniaabdulmalak[at]uma[dot]es)