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Maritime Spatial Planning on Land? Planning for Land-Sea Interaction Conflicts in the Danish Context

Planning Practice & Research Volume 37


Denmark is currently producing their first Maritime Spatial Plan, as required by the European Union’s Maritime Spatial Planning Directive 2014/89. This article investigates the Danish approach to governing land-sea interactions, exploring the impacts of various institutional and procedural factors on the practice of planning at the land-sea interface in Denmark. We find that in Denmark, the MSP process has priority over the terrestrial planning system, that there is a complex institutional set-up with a lack of integration between the maritime and terrestrial planning systems, and that there exist differing perspectives about the importance of certain industries leading to conflicts.

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This article provides insights on the Danish MSP process, its legal framework, governance and institutional context, and provides analysis regarding terrestrial and marine spatial planning from the land-sea interaction perspective.

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M. Howells: (matthew[at]plan[dot]aau[dot]dk)



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