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A marine spatial plan for the Belgian Part of the North Sea

Belgium - MSP


These brochures summarize the marine spatial plan for the Belgian Part of the North Sea.

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Questions this practice may help answer

  • What is the approach to marine planning in Belgium?
  • What are the objectives for individual sectors and interests in the Belgian part of the North Sea?
  • What are the key issues to be addressed by marine planning in Belgium?
  • How can such information be displayed in an accessible way

Implementation Context

The Belgian part of the North Sea is one of the most intensively used seas in the world. Shipping, tourism, fisheries, sand exploitation, wind farms, etc. Belgian authorities have drawn up a marine spatial plan for the Belgian part of the North Sea to address conflict and manage different activities.

This plan lays out principles, goals, objectives, and long-term vision, and spatial policy choices for the management of the Belgian territorial sea and EEZ. Management actions, indicators and targets addressing marine protected areas and the management of human uses including commercial fishing, offshore aquaculture, offshore renewable energy, shipping, dredging, sand and gravel extraction, pipelines and cables, military activities, tourism and recreation, and scientific research are included. A draft plan and future spatial visions were approved by the Council of Ministers in 2013, after a process of consultations and advice from a newly established advisory commission on MSP, in addition to expert consultation, stakeholder participation and preparation of a strategic environmental assessment of the plan. Cross-border consultation was carried out with the Netherlands, France, and the United Kingdom. The plan will be reviewed every six years and is legally binding.

This brochures summarizes the marine spatial plan for our North Sea in an accessible way.

Aspects / Objectives

  • To develop a MSP for Belgian waters.
  • To provide accessible information on line for stakeholders on the Belgian marine plan.


The online document was compiled building on information regarding activities in the Belgian marine area and outlining a spatial approach to their management.

Main Outputs / Results

Brochure PDF:


Front page of Brochure


This document refers to Belgium but may be of relevance to other countries developing accessible brochures for stakeholder / public engagement.

Contact Person (info[at]milieu[dot]belgie[dot]be)


Responsible Entity

Belgian Ministry of Environment (Marine Department).

Costs / Funding Source

Belgian Ministry of Environment (Marine Department).