ITI Mar menor


The Integrated Territorial Investment of the Mar Menor establishes a framework for future governance that will allow the promotion, development and maintenance of the natural heritage and protected areas in the Mar Menor coastal lagoon in sustainable cohabitation with existing activities.  

a ITI del Mar Menor (Murcia), para la implementación de la Estrategia de Gestión Integrada de Zonas Costeras en el Mar Menor y su Entorno, con participación del Programa Operativo (PO) del FEMP.

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Nature protection
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Environment aspects
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Vision and aims
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Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Marine Strategy Framework Directive

Questions this practice may help answer

  • Which are nowadays the major challenges in terms of ICZM?
  • How different administrations from different level and tiers of government can cooperate to improve ICZM?
  • How to ensure the sustainability of results achieved in the framework of this type of Initiatives once the EU funds are all comitted?

Implementation Context

The Mar Menor is one of the main signs of identity of the Region of Murcia: a salt water lagoon (between 135-170 km2, mean depth 3.6 m, maximum 6 m) located in South-eastern Spain. The lagoon is isolated from the Mediterranean Sea by a 20 km long and 200 m wide ancient sandy bar called La Manga.

The Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI) for the Mar Menor serves to enhance visibility and make it possible to trace the contribution of European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI Funds) to the “Strategy of Integrated Coastal Zone Management of the Socio-Economic System of the Mar Menor and its surroundings”.

Said contribution can be seen in the ITI for the Mar Menor through a range of activities financed by ERDF, as part of the Operational Programme for the Region of Murcia and the multi-regional Sustainable Development Operational Programme, by FEADER, as part of the Rural Development Programme of Murcia (RDP), and the FEMP, as part of the multi-regional Operational Programme. 

Aspects / Objectives

The objectives of the ITI of the Mar Menor are:

  • To establish a framework for future governance that will allow the promotion, development and maintenance of the natural heritage and protected areas in the Mar Menor coastal lagoon in sustainable cohabitation with existing activities
  • Promote public investment in R+D+I projects that contribute to the elimination of the current impacts to which the gap is exposed: ITI is proposed in a positive way.
  • Improving water quality, reducing pollution discharges to the Mar Menor.


The Integrated Coastal Zone Management Strategy (ICZM) of Mar Menor and its environment has been the technical and scientific support of the ITI of Mar Menor.

It is based on the development of a Socio-Ecological System of the Mar Menor and its environment (SESMM) so that the Mar Menor regains its good environmental status and allow a sustainable cohabitation with human activities through ITI investments. 


Main Outputs / Results

As main results of the ITI, the development of a sustainable development framework to ensure the environmental recovery of the region is the main outcome expected once the ITI is concluded. This development framework includes the full deployment of the socio-ecological system of the Mar Menor and its Environment to achieve a sound management of a complex environment. 


An Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI) is a territorial development tool that enables the implementation of a territorial strategy with the aim of providing a response to the specific needs or challenges of this territory. It is, therefore, a management tool, defined in Regulation (EU) Nº 1303/2013, which permits a territorial approach in the development and implementation of public policies. Thus, within the framework of the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF), the resources that support a specific ITI may be drawn from:

• More than one priority axis within a programme

• Several programmes financed by the same fund, or

• Several programmes financed by various funds

From the above, the ITIs, as they are conceived, are pilot instruments aimed at been replicated and to serve as a reference for future similar developments. 

Contact Person

Salvador García Ayllón

ITI Mar Menor


Responsible Entity

Regional Government of Murcia, (Spain)

Costs / Funding Source

Funding Source: the ITI of the Mar Menor has a financial allocation of 96,931,550 euro, coming from ERDF, EAFRD & EMFF funds.