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Guidance note on the preparation of proposals on ships' routeing systems and ship reporting systems for submission to the sub-committee on safety of navigation


The guidance not for developing propsals for IMO shipping routes contains aspects relevant for the designation of shipping routes in MSP processes.


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Questions this practice may help answer

Which aspects should be taken into account when designating shipping routes in MSP?

What information needs to be compiled when chaning an IMO shipping route?

Implementation Context

This guidance note shows which information needs to be compiled when establishing / chaning an IMO shipping route.


A proposal for a shipping routes must contain the following sections:

  • Summary outlining the obejctives of the shipping routes, including history of groundings / collisions / damnage to the marine environment, a consideration of which typ of ships it concerns, the impact on navigation
  • Description of the area / geographical position
  • Traffic consideration, i.e.alignment of existing taffic patterns, avoidance of convergence areas and route junctions, especially in close vicinity of each other
  • Marine environmental considerations in terms of prevaliing weather and tidal conditions as well as risk of damage to the marine environment
  • Access to ports and port development
  • Other activities, eg. fishing gounds, offshore exploration and exploitatin, offshore structures


The information that needs to be provided when establishing / chaning an IMO shipping route is also of revelance when planning for space to be reserved for navigation in an MSP context.

Responsible Entity

International Maritime Organization