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The EU blue economy report 2021

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The EU Blue Economy Report has become the reference to understand past developments, trends and future opportunities in the blue economy and all individual economic activities related to our seas and oceans in the EU and its Member States. In its fourth edition, the yearly EU Blue Economy Report continues to analyse the scope and size of the Blue Economy in the European Union. It aims at providing support to policymakers and stakeholders in the quest for a sustainable development of the oceans, coastal resources and, most notably, to the development and implementation of polices and initiatives under the European Green Deal and in particular with the insight of the Sustainable Blue Economy communication. Through its economic evidence, the Report takes stock of the Blue Economy, using the latest available data acting hence as a supporting tool for evidenced-based policy making. It also serves as a source of inspiration to all concerned stakeholders. For the purposes of the Report, the Blue Economy includes all those activities that are marine-based or marine-related. Therefore, the Report examines not only established sectors (i.e. those that traditionally contribute to the Blue Economy) but also emerging (those for which reliable data are still developing) and innovative sectors, which bring new opportunities for investment and hold large potential for the future development of coastal communities. Analyses are provided for 2009-18 period for the EU-27 as a whole and by sector and industry for each Member State.

Type of practice:
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Cross-border / trans-national aspect:
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Key words:

Questions this practice may help answer:

  • Which were the main impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on the maritime economy?
  • What are the national contributions to the EU Blue Economy for each Member State?
  • Which maritime sectors and activities are emerging?
  • What are the issues related to the development of the circular economy?

Implementation Context:

This report was drafted by the European Commission in a context of development of maritime activities and sectors on the maritime space, and increasing demands on its resources.

Aspects / Objectives:

This report provides an overview of marine-based and marine-related activities including both established and emerging sectors across EU Member States. The document takes stock of the impacts of Brexit and the COVID-19 crisis on the EU Blue Economy.


The report is based on data emerging from economic sectors and incorporates indirect economic effects. It focuses on the European territory and includes outermost regions when possible.  

Main Outputs / Results:

The Blue Economy report provides accurate and reliable data and trends for maritime sectors and activities, as good data is essential in order to develop and implement policies.


This report is relevant for any European Member State

Responsible Entity:

European Commission

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European Commission