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D16 - Evaluation Report Malta: Governance for MSP



In Malta, the Planning Authority (PA) is the Competent Authority for the MSP Directive and as partner to the MSP-MED project is focused on specific aspects concerning governance in support of the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Environment and development (SPED), as Malta’s first MSP plan. As part of Work Package 2 - Setting-up of maritime spatial plans, the PA is seeking to identify basic procedures that can support the plan making/review process of MSP plans, in particular to ensure that the revised SPED is informed with the most relevant information, to deliver an MSP plan that is based on ecosystem management and can deliver blue growth for all of Malta’s marine waters.

Application in MSP:
Type of Issue:
Type of practice:
Stage of MSP cycle:
Key words:
Implementation Context:

This document was developed in the context of the MSP-MED project (Towards the operational implementation of MSP in our common Mediterranean Sea) within the Work Package 2 – Setting-up Maritime Spatial Plans, task number 2.5 – Governance for MSP

Aspects / Objectives:

The scope of MSP-Med Task 2.5., as described in the design of the MSPMED project, was intended to support MSP governance and was to identify:

(a) linkages between different national plans addressing Malta’s marine waters;

(b) issues and gaps within the current SPED policy framework in relation to the national plans,

particularly those issued after 2015; and

(c) existing mechanisms for stakeholder engagement for these plans.


This deliverable gives an overview of the MSP governance process in Malta and analyses relevant policy frameworks for maritime spatial planning.

Main Outputs / Results:

This report identifies governance issues in Malta to assist the review of the MSP Plan. The set of plans and policies reviewed for this task illustrate a good degree of inter-linkages between certain policy documents and sectors.


This document is specific to Malta MSP governance, meaning that results cannot be transferred to other countries, but the process followed in this document can be used as an example to analyse other cases.

Responsible Entity:

MSP-Med project

Costs / Funding Source:

The work described in this report was supported by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund of the European Union- through the Grant Agreement number 887390 - MSPMED- EMFF-MSP2019, corresponding to the Call for proposal Call EMFF-MSP-2019 (Maritime Spatial Planning) Topic: EMFF-MSP-2019 Type of action: EMFF-AG for Projects on Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP).

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