DORY - Capitalization actions for aDriatic marine envirOnment pRotection and ecosYstem based management

Project Implementation Period: 
January 2018 - June 2019
Specific Funding Programme: 

INTERREG CBC Italy – Croatia 2014-2020



About the Project: 

DORY's general objective is to enhance protection and restoration of marine resources and ecosystems in the Adriatic Region by strengthening the institutional dialogue and promoting:

  • the adoption of management measures for the reduction of impacts derived from economic activities on fishing stocks;
  • the adoption of management strategies to improve biodiversity conservation (e.g. protection of spawning and nursery areas) and to reduce the ecological impact of aquaculture.

DORY is developed through three main phases:

  • In this phase the DISPLACE model will be applied on overfished, commercially important, fish stocks of the Adriatic Sea, based on a critical review of the results of the previous ECOSEA project which used the same model. DISPLACE can be used to design possible measures for spatial management and redistribution of fishing catches and effort. In particular, a specific management scenario, which contemplates the implementation of measure for fishing resources management and ecosystem protection, will be designed and tested in the area named “Santuario delle Sogliole”, the most important area for the reproduction of Solea solea in the Adriatic Sea. 
  • Definition of improved measures for the management of nursery areas and the reduction of ecological impact from aquaculture  in different geographic contexts of the Adriatic Sea. The measures will be based on common guidelines to be defined by DORY.
  • Transfer of the management model developed through the project to stakeholders, including policy makers and responsible authorities relevant to the fishing and aquaculture sectors.

Project partners

DORY project involves the following partners:

  • Marche Region, Fisheries Department (Italy), Lead Partner
  • Veneto Region, Hunting & Fisheries Directorate (Italy)
  • Emilia Romagna Region (Italy)
  • Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Hunting & Fishing Service (Italy)
  • National Research Council - Institute of Marine Sciences, Ancona venue (Italy)
  • Zadar County (Croatia)
  • RERA - Regional Development Agency of Split - Dalmatia County (Croatia)
  • Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (Croatia)