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Plan4Blue develops maritime scenarios, a report and an animation for the Gulf of Finland and the Archipelago Sea


The Plan4Blue project presents four scenarios for how our choices will affect people and the marine nature in the Gulf of Finland and the Archipelago Sea. The short animation presents four alternative future scenarios: “Unlimited growth”, “Virtual reality”, “Sustainability above all!” and “Sustainability dilemma”. The animation explains the idea of thinking with alternative scenarios. In this work, scenarios are not forecasts. They are understood as different directions that our societies and economy might develop. The infographs describe how the alternative scenarios would play out for different sectors. The sectors are here understood very broadly.  More detailed information on how the alternative scenarios would affect different sectors can be found in the infographs and scenario report

(pdf 2 MB).


Infographic Marine Energy Sector

Infographic Maritime Cluster

Infographic Blue Bioeconomy and Subsea Resources

Infographic Maritime Tourism