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New study on the relevance of MSPD in the context of EGD


A new study produced by Wageningen Research, Ramboll and Deloitte has been published toassess the relevance and effect of the Maritime Spatial Planning Directive in the context of the European Green Deal and other relevant EU-level legislation. The study analysed the suitability of the MSP Directive and its implementation to address current and future challenges as regards the sustainable development of the Blue Economy, including the protection and preservation of the marine environment.
From its inception, the interaction between the MSP Directive and other directives was foreseen. The European Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP) includes the MSP Directive and Directive 2008/56/EC, the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). Preamble 15 of the MSP Directive explicitly states that maritime spatial planning will contribute to achieving the aims of other directives.

The study is accessible here.