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New call ! Cumulative impacts of offshore wind farms


Eklipse launched a call for knowledge for initial scoping on cumulative impacts of offshore wind farms and their consequences for the achievement of good environmental status of marine ecosystems.

Eklipse was created in 2016 to help governments, institutions, businesses and NGOs make better-informed decisions when it comes to biodiversity in Europe. 

The aim of the request is to examine the multi-level impacts of the planned expansion of wind energy production at sea, including cumulative impacts on marine ecosystems and on the achievement of good environmental status (GES). The final framing of the request seeks to contribute primarily to the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (and its ongoing review). It will, however, also inform other EU legal instruments/policies such as the Maritime Spatial Planning Directive, Renewable Energy Directive, Biodiversity Strategy, Zero Pollution Action Plan, Marine Action Plan, Wind Power Action Plan, as well as regional and/or international agreements or processes, notably the Regional Sea Conventions Action Plans/activities, and other possible initiatives planned/taking place at a regional level. 

Responses are expected by March 28th, 2024.

You can read the full call here.

You can contribute to share knowledge and expertise through the Eklipse Survey. 

For more information about this request, visit the webpage.