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MSP Platform: radio interview at Blue Horizon


Blue Horizon ( is a radio show aimed at communicating topics and challenges related to the Ocean and Blue Economy. Blue Horizon takes place weekly on POLI.RADIO, the digital radio station of Politecnico di Milano. In order to communicate different perspectives and dynamics, it is divided into four sections (Policy, Industry, Research and Community) engaging key stakeholders through interviews. The challenge is also to communicate out of the sphere of the insiders, so the project develops within the context of Ocean Literacy addressing a wide audience.

On Tuesday 21th of December, Blue Horizon will explore the concept related to “platforms”. In this episode, the section “Policy & Institution” will be dedicated to EU MSP Platform: Thanos Smanis Blue Economy and Expert Coordinator of the EU MSP Platform will present the work of the Platform and will explain the role of Marine Spatial Planning within the European policy context highlighting the importance of the multi-use approach and the key role of governments in giving pragmatic solutions. In the same episode other guests are:

  • In “Business & Innovation” Grant Romundt, CEO of Ocean Builders, startup from Panama that is ready to launch the first ocean floating home “Sea Pod”.
  • In “Science & Research” Sara Muggiasca, Professor of Politecnico di Milano, representing The Blue Growth Farm, project funded by H2020 aimed at developing a multi-use sea platform through the integration of activities like renewable energy production and aquaculture.
  • In “Community & Adventure” Pietro Scarlettaris, Field Marketing specialist at Red Bull, telling the experience of “Red Bull Bora Challenge”, where a kitesurf and windsurf champions have faced one of the strongest wind in the world chasing the speed record. 

You can listen to Blue Horizon on streaming on from 8pm to 9pm CEST time. After the live episode, Blue Horizon will release the podcast here (