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Materials from the latest French consultation meeting now available.


France is finalising the remaining two parts of their Strategic Documents. The document was reviewed by the French National Environmental Agency on 5 May 2021 and an online public consultation was launched on 20 May 2021 (open until 20 August) on the operational aspects of the strategic documents for the four different sea basins. A webinar was held on 12 July 2021 to provide additional clarifications on the ongoing public consultation. The presentation materials and a graphic summary of the discussions are now available online. They are independent of the final analysis that will be comprised of the contributions submitted via the platform. The results of this analysis will be the subject of a specific communication activity on the basis of feedback from the public and the institutions, as well as an environmental statement as provided for in the environmental code.

The materials presented and the other elements of this latest webinar are accessible via this link in the news section of the MerLittoral2030 platform (only in French).