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Launch of three EU-funded MSP Project


To help Member States with the implementation, monitoring and revision of their Maritime Spatial Plans, three new EMFAF projects were launched:

  • The MSPGreen project aims to support MSP plans to become marine enablers for the implementation of the European Green Deal objectives and will provide recommendations to further enhance their integration into MSP.
  • The REGINA Project - Regions to boost National Maritime Spatial Planning - focuses on improving local and regional stakeholder and authorities' participation in the national maritime spatial planning process. Eight regional case studies will be delivered accross the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.
  • Finally, the ReMAP project - Reviewing and Evaluating the Monitoring and Assessment of Maritime Spatial Planning - will provide strategies to revise MSPs, develop data tools and models supporting interoperability and support the sharing of data. This project builds from the work achieved by the Technical Expert Group on data for MSP supported by the EU MSP Assistance Mechanism.

More information to come via the EU MSP Platform !