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French MSP: Public consultation and questionnaire on coastal and maritime areas.


France notified the European Commission that they had adopted the four sea-basin strategies (East Channel – North Sea, North Atlantic-West Channel, South Atlantic, Mediterranean) in February 2020. These strategies are the result of the first stages of MSP for each sea-basin and include: an initial assessment (environment and human activities), strategic objectives and preliminary spatial plans (vocation map plus fact sheets). After a first public consultation, the first two parts of each sea-basin strategy were adopted by the coordinating Administrations in September/October 2019. France is now finalising the remaining two parts of their Strategic Documents. The documents were reviewed by the French National Environmental Agency on 5 May 2021 and an online public consultation was launched on 20 May 2021 (open until 20 August) on the operational aspects of the DSF with the four FSDs: .

Furthermore, a questionnaire has been drawn up to gather the opinions of the various stakeholders on the notion of territory applied to coastal and maritime areas, in light of the scientific communities’ work and the perceptions of the players involved in these territories.

Link to the questionnaire:…