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EMFAF Blue careers and Regional flagships calls for proposals are now open


The European Commission has launched two new calls for proposals under the European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF) supported by a total funding of €15.1 million. The two calls are:

Blue careers for a sustainable blue economy

With a total of €7.5 million in funding, the aim of this call is to contribute to the development of the next generation of blue skills. This call has a co-funding rate of 80%. The objectives of this call are to:

Support innovative cooperation projects
Bring the blue economy industry and relevant marine and maritime educational/academic institutions and/or vocational training providers together at all levels.

Regional flagship projects supporting sustainable blue economy in EU sea basins

With a total of €7.6 million in funding, this call focuses on EU sea basin cooperation, particularly in the Atlantic, Black Sea, Mediterranean, Baltic Sea Region and EU Outermost Regions. This call has a co-funding rate of 80% for each of the following topics apart from topic 5, which has a rate of 85%:

  • Topic 1: promoting the diversification of fisheries activities in the Atlantic area (EUR 2 million available)
  • Topic 2: harnessing preparedness and response to marine pollution in the Black Sea (EUR 0.6 million available)
  • Topic 3: promoting sustainable transport and ports in the Mediterranean (EUR 2.4 million available)
  • Topic 4: fostering maritime clusters as an innovative enabler for a Sustainable Blue Economy in the Mediterranean (EUR 1 million available)
  • Topic 5: promoting sustainable maritime and coastal tourism in the Outermost Regions (EUR 1 million available)
  • Topic 6: promoting regenerative ocean farming in the Baltic Sea Region (EUR 0.6 million available)

This aims to develop the necessary skillsets to support the European Green Deal initiatives while promoting the development of a sustainable blue economy.

Applicants should submit their proposals electronically via the Funding & Tenders Portal Electronic Submission System.

The closing date for applications is 31 January 2023 at 17h00 CET