MSP Tools and Guidance

This page contains tools and guidance documents for MSP Practitioners and other interested parties in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of MSP.

Study on integrating an ecosystem-based approach (EBA) into maritime spatial planning 

The objective of this study was to provide EU Member States with feasible and practical approaches and guidelines for applying an EBA in Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP), along with a practical method or tool for evaluating, monitoring and reviewing the application of EBA in MSP (see project page for more information). These Guidelines present a practical, stepwise approach for incorporating an EBA into MSP and the Infographics summary provides an introduction to the application of an EBA into MSP along with links to the other project results.


'Guidelines for implementing an ecosystem-based approach in maritime spatial planning - Including a method for the evaluation, monitoring and review of EBA in MSP' - September 2021

Infographic summary: 'Guiding the application of an ecosystem-based approach in maritime spatial planning' - November 2021

MSPglobal Internaitonal Guide

'MSPglobal: international guide on marine/maritime spatial planning', October 2021

Communicating MSP


'Communicating MSP: an inspiring era of cooperation between institutions', November 2020