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Emerging ecosystem-based Maritime Spatial Planning topics in North and Baltic Seas Region (eMSP NBSR)

The aim of the eMSP NBSR project is to enable Maritime Spatial Planners of managing authorities and policymakers from the North and Baltic Sea Regions to reflect on current MSP practices, to learn effectively from each other, and to collectively...

  • 2024
European Network on Coastal Research
The ENCORA project (European Network on Coastal Research) has been initiated to improve sharing of knowledge and experience within Europe, in two respects: overcome existing fragmentation of coastal expertise and better exploit scientific knowledge in practice and adapt it to non-expert coastal and marine professionals.
  • 2009
Energizing Coastal Regions with Offshore Renewable Energy

The aim of the ENCORE project (Energizing Coastal Regions with Offshore Renewable Energy) is to advance five offshore renewable energy technologies (including wave energy convertors, tidal and river current turbines and offshore floating solar) in a structured and collaborative process and to develop open-source...

  • 2022
ENSAMBLE: Expertise and Networking to Sustain Actions in Med through Blue and Local Economy

The project aims to create a network between local communities of fishermen in Tunisia, France and Italy throughout a participatory methodology in order to facilitate the elaboration of a Community-Led Local Development approach in some fishermen communities of North Africa...

  • 2021
European Seas and Territorial Development, Opportunities and Risks

As Europe seeks to emerge from the consequences of the economic crisis, the importance of territorial cohesion in supporting ‘smart sustainable and inclusive growth’ is becoming ever more apparent. However the rhetoric has for many years equated territorial cohesion with...

  • 2013
EU-ATLAS: A trans-Atlantic assessment and deep-water ecosystem based spatial management plan for Europe

ATLAS will provide essential new knowledge of deep ocean ecosystems in the North Atlantic. This ambitious project will explore the world of deep-sea habitats (200-2000 m) where the greatest gaps in our understanding lie and certain populations and ecosystems are...

  • 2020
EUropean test bed for the maritime Common Information Sharing Environment in the 2020 perspective

Since 2009, CISE is being developed by the European Commission together with the Member States including civilian and military authorities as well as the European agencies operating in the maritime field. The aim of CISE is to create a political...

  • 2017
European Atlas of the Seas

The European Atlas of the Seas is an innovative application which has been designed for anyone wanting to learn more about Europe’s seas and coastal regions and about the people who live and work along Europe’s coasts. By May 2018...

  • 2020
As an echo to the threats that represents the coastal erosion, both the European Parliament and the European Commission have felt the need to undertake a Europe- wide study meant to provide quantified evidence that coastal erosion in Europe does constitute a problem of growing magnitude that public authorities do not always succeed in containing.
  • 2004
Marine conservation's expert contribution to Maritime Spatial Planning

The aim of FABENA is the development of a scientific bases for the integration of nature conservation concerns into maritime spatial planning (MSP) processes.

A midterm aim is to support the development of an expert contribution of nature conservation to...

  • 2017
FISHMPABlue2 - Fisheries and Marine Protected Areas, A Partnership for Sustainability in the Mediterranean

The FishMPABlue2 project is the follow-up of the FishMPABlue project (July 2014-June 2015) funded by Interreg MED Programme. FishMPABlue carried out an analysis of the management of small scale fishery (SSF) within and around a set of Mediterranean MPAs, and developed...

  • 2019
Floating Tidal Energy Commercialisation (FloTEC)

The FloTEC project will demonstrate the potential for floating tidal stream turbines to provide low-cost, high-value energy to the European grid mix. The FloTEC project has 5 core objectives:

  1. Demonstrate a full-scale prototype floating tidal energy generation system for optimised...
  • 2021