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Many human activities on marine areas are functionally linked to the shore. For example, off shore wind parks and connection to the terrestrial electricity grid.
The C-COVER Coastal-Climate Overall Vulnerability and Exposure Risk – protection strategy for the Maltese Islands project is funded by the European Commission’s (EC) Technical Support Instrument upon request of the Maltese Public Works Department
The COASTANCE project is implemented within the European MED programme. Its main aim is to develop practical tools to manage the coastal zone adaptation to Climate Change according to the sectoral foremost European policies such as ICZM, the IMP, the MSP Directive, the Adaptation to C.C., etc.
COASTGAP capitalized 12 best practices from 9 projects (funded by the MED and other programmes) included in the Facecoast cluster, to underpin governance and adaptation policies aiming to reduce risk along coastal zones and foster their sustainabl
COCONET identifies groups of putatively interconnected MPAs in the Mediterranean and the Black Seas, shifting from local (single MPA) to regional (Networks of MPAs) and basin (network of networks) scales.
COEXIST was a broad, multidisciplinary project which evaluated competing activities and interactions in European coastal areas.
The COMPASS project will deliver a network of monitoring buoys across the regional seas of the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and West Scotland. It aims to develop marine observational and data management capacity across the region.
Phase 1 of CoMPi aims to assess the feasibility of an innovative service on integrated coastal monitoring, with the use of low-cost autonomous observational technologies, that will allow the estimation of the future coastline displacements and the
Coastal tourism, a pillar of Blue Growth, is negatively affected by climate change in the Mediterranean and in other European coasts. Therefore, proper and sustainable management of the coasts is imperative.
The overall goal of the project is the development of a Competence Center in spatial technologies for the South-East Region of Romania.
The project aims to establish a collaboration network of the key stakeholders in Mediterranean and Black Sea fisheries research and management, in order to facilitate the full application of the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries.
The project aimed to elaborate a methodology for the MSP process and to promote the sustainable use of marine resources and sustainable growth of the maritime economy through the MSP process.