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C-SCOPE had 3 main objectives: develop a framework for integrating terrestrial and marine planning; tools for achieving sustainable coastal economies and environments; and stakeholder engagement to achieving commitment to ICZM
CAMP is oriented at the implementation of practical coastal management projects in selected Mediterranean coastal areas, applying Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) as a major tool.
The project aims at providing recommendations to integrate the Ecosystem-Based Approach (EBA) to recreational boating planning/management at Cap de Creus Natural Park based on Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) and developing guidelines for Marine Prot
Capacity4MSP will create a practically oriented and interactive collaboration platform for MSP stakeholders, decision- and policy makers that will inform, support and enhance on-going MSP efforts by capitalising on the outcomes of various transnat
The Celtic Seas Partnership aims to draw people together from  across  the  Celtic  Seas  to  set  up  collaborative and  innovative  approaches  to  managing  their  marine environment.
The project explores climate risks faced by coastal and transition areas, contributing to a better understanding of the impact of climate variability and change on water regimes, salt intrusion, tourism, biodiversity and agro-ecosystems affecting
The overall goal of ClimeFish is to help ensure that the increase in seafood production comes in areas and for species where there is a potential for sustainable growth, given the expected developments in climate, thus contributing to robust emplo
ClimVar & ICZM is a complementary project to the MedPartnership.
CO-EVOLVE aimed to analyse and promote the co-evolution of human activities and natural systems in touristic coastal areas in the Mediterranean, allowing for the sustainable development of touristic activities, based on the principles of Integrate
Co-Evolve4BG is the follow-up to the Co-evolve project, which ended last October.
Marine and coastal areas, face similar environmental and spatial planning challenges in the Baltic Sea Region.
The goal of the COASTAL project is to formulate and evaluate business solutions and policy recommendations aimed at improving the coastal-rural synergy to foster rural and coastal development while preserving the environment.