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The project aims to facilitate the cooperation between Black Sea coastal states in the field of marine ecosystem and resource management.
The objective of this study was to provide EU Member States with feasible and practical approaches and guidelines for applying the EBA in Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP), along with a practical method or tool for evaluating, monitoring and review
The project aimed at supporting small-scale fishing organisations in Bulgaria and Romania. Its objectives are manifold. First, it identified representatives of small-scale fishing in both countries.
Objectives include the implementation of MSP in EU Member States, developing specific criteria and indicators to evaluate the MSP process at different scales and at different stages and launching and carry out concrete and cross-border MSP initiative between Member States.
The aim of the projects was to create a fully implementable policy tool to help coastal authorities and communities throughout Europe to deliver sustainability on Europe's coast.
This research project will develop a theoretical framework and legal tools to aid scholars and stakeholders (law and policy-makers, private investors, environmental NGOs) in managing competing interests in the offshore economic sector.
SustainBaltic is a research and development project. It's main goal is to enhance sustainable land use along the coastlines of Southwest Finland and Northern Estonia. In the project, four Integrated Coastal Zone Management plans (ICZM) are produced based on the ecological values, land use and the current human activities in the planning area.
The SymNet project aimed to establish an industrial symbiosis system as an innovative approach in order to minimize the environmental degradation in response to climate changes, while increasing economic and social development in the Black Sea Bas
The research project seeks to contribute to how social sustainability dimensions can be effectively included in MSP through conceptual development and by examining MSP practice in Germany, Poland and Latvia.
TAPAS is a four year study designed to investigate the current limits to fish farming, the social interactions, environmental impacts and future risks in an aim to create cost efficient management tools and practices for the aquaculture sector acr
Marine coastal areas have a considerable socio-economic importance and provide multiple services to Humankind (fisheries, nutrient cycling etc.).
This research project will develop and evaluate how the participatory approaches contribute to the Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) directive implementation.