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ICZM Plans for Sustaining Coastal and Marine Human-ecological Networks in the Baltic Region
SustainBaltic is a research and development project. It's main goal is to enhance sustainable land use along the coastlines of Southwest Finland and Northern Estonia. In the project, four Integrated Coastal Zone Management plans (ICZM) are produced based on the ecological values, land use and the current human activities in the planning area.
  • 2019
Taking Social Sustainability to the Sea: Strengthening the Social Pillar in Marine Spatial Planning
The research project seeks to contribute to how social sustainability dimensions can be effectively included in MSP through conceptual development and by examining MSP practice in Germany, Poland and Latvia.
  • 2022
Tools for Assessment and Planning of Aquaculture Sustainability

TAPAS is a four year study designed to investigate the current limits to fish farming, the social interactions, environmental impacts and future risks in an aim to create cost efficient management tools and practices for the aquaculture sector across Europe...

  • 2020
Toward a new generation of Ecological Assessment tools for the Management Coastal environment (TEAM-Coast)

Marine coastal areas have a considerable socio-economic importance and provide multiple services to Humankind (fisheries, nutrient cycling etc.). However, these environments are subjected to multiple anthropogenic pressures that are profoundly modifying benthic communities (i.e. organisms living on, in, or near...

  • 2021
TEAM4SEAS - Bridging the gaps: An innovative and operational participatory platform to connect science, stakeholders and policy for successful maritime spatial planning in Romania

This research project will develop and evaluate how the participatory approaches contribute to the Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) directive implementation. To identify realistic and sustainable solutions and designs for MSP,  the TEAM4SEAS project will adopt a participatory approach involving all...

  • 2020
Cross border cooperation for Maritime Spatial Planning Development

ΘΑΛ-ΧΩΡ (THAL-CHOR) aimed at developing a methodology for MSP and then using this methodology for pilot application in selected areas in Cyprus (Limassol area) and Greece (Islands of Lesvos and Rhodes). Resolution of spatial conflicts between different uses of the...

  • 2015
Cross-border Cooperation for Maritime Spatial Planning 2

The project capitalizes on the results of the previous Strategic Project THAL-CHOR: Cross-border Cooperation Maritime Spatial Planning Development, co-funded by the Interreg Greece-Cyprus 2007-2013 Programme. The capitalization is made at both the content and the corporate level, as it incorporates...

  • 2023
The Blue Growth Farm

The development of multi-use sea platforms concept has become one of the EU’s most interesting and ambitious projects in order to ensure the integrated, sustainable and ecological exploitation of open sea resources. In particular, a suitable combination of aquaculture facility...

  • 2022
The Rich North Sea

With our programme The Rich North Sea we want to seize the unique opportunity which offshore wind farms offer to enhance nature in the North Sea. We are helping our planet in two ways: renewable energy generation to stop climate change...

  • 2019
Transboundary tools for spatial planning and conservation of the Gulf of Finland

TOPCONS is a Finnish-Russian co-operation project that developed innovative spatial tools for the regional planning and long-term invocation of the sea areas. These help the society when striving for the sustainable consolidation of human activities and the marine nature values...

  • 2014
Transboundary Planning in the European Atlantic
The Transboundary Planning in the European Atlantic project had the objective of investigating the delivery of a commonly-agreed approach to cross-border maritime spatial planning (MSP) in the European Atlantic region. TPEA was a pilot initiative, bringing together Government bodies, research centres and data agencies from the UK, Portugal, Spain, and Ireland.
  • 2014
Promoting multilevel governance for tuning up biodiversity protection in marine areas

TUNE UP is a multi-module project tackling the need for a strategic and collaborative approach to Med MPAs management and biodiversity protection, by testing and capitalizing a multi-stakeholder/multi-level governance tool based on River/Wetland Contracts experience tested by the INTERREG MED...

  • 2022