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Sea Meets Land

Hav möter Land (Sea meets Land) shall contribute to the long-term sustainable utilisation of the value represented by Kattegatt and Skagerrak coastal and sea area. Climate, water management (regarding the implementation of the first cycle of the Water Framework Directive)...

  • 2013
Pan-European infrastructure for ocean & marine data management

The SeaDataNet I (2006-2011) & II (2011-2015) Projects were first established in 2006 in order to consolidate marine data sets which are vital for marine research across 35 countries which have coasts along Europe’s seas. Within these countries over 600...

  • 2015
Cooperation for ecosystem based planning of the marine environment using GIS

The main aim of SeaGIS is to improve the knowledge for and about MSP and make it more accessible in order to increase the possibilities of ecosystem based regional planning of marine areas and to create a common platform for...

  • 2014
SeaGIS 2.0
SeaGIS 2.0 is a follow-up project to the SeaGIS project. The main objective of the project is to promote a sustainable use of the marine environment and a responsible use of marine resources.
  • 2018
SEAMIND - Monitoring and Indicators to Support the National Ocean Strategy Considering a Sustainable Development Perspective

The objective of this project is to implement a restricted number of relevant indicators to check the National Ocean Strategy 2013-2020 results, considering a sustainable development perspective. This is aimed to be achieved through the development of a Strategic Monitoring...

  • 2020
Delivering Offshore Electricity to the EU: spatial planning for offshore renewable energies and electricity grid insfrastructures in an integrated EU Maritime Policy

The SEANERGY 2020 project formulated concrete policy recommendations on how to best deal with maritime spatial planning (MSP) and remove MSP obstacles that stand against the deployment of offshore renewable power generation. The project focused particularly on offshore renewable energy...

  • 2012
Strategic Environmental Assessment North Seas Energy (SEANSE)

Developments in the North Sea are ramping up fast and increasingly have cross-border impacts or are planned across borders. The growing need for offshore wind park construction will be one of the main drivers for such developments. The SEA (Strategic...

  • 2020
SEAPLANSPACE - Marine spatial planning instruments for sustainable marine governance

The project aims at increasing the know-how and knowledge on sustainable marine governance of the people engaged in maritime issues and problems  in their daily work. The main vehicles serving this purpose are: training and networking according to the jointly...

  • 2021
Shaping an Holistic Approach to Protect the Adriatic Environment between coast and sea

Shape aimed to develop a multilevel and cross-sector governance system, based on integrated management of natural resources, risk’s prevention and conflicts resolution among uses of the Adriatic coast and sea.
It promoted strengthening of the institutional capacity needed to face these challenges in a...

  • 2014
Supporting Implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning in the Atlantic region

SIMAtlantic seeks to strengthen links between those working on MSP in five Atlantic sea basin countries. This will be achieved through developing an ‘Atlantic vision’ for MSP in the region based upon findings from a series of linked case studies...

  • 2021
Supporting Implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning in the Celtic Seas

SIMCelt was a project intended to support the implementation of the MSP Directive by Member States within the Celtic Seas (OSPAR Region III), and to contribute to supporting cross-border cooperation between MS in relation to implementation of the MSP Directive...

  • 2017
Supporting the Implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning in the North Atlantic Region
SIMNORAT focused on two key objectives: supporting the implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning in EU Member States, and launching and carrying out concrete and cross-border MSP initiatives between Member States.
  • 2019