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Preserving and sustainably governing cultural heritage and landscapes in European coastal and maritime regions

PERICLES promotes sustainable, participatory governance of cultural heritage in European coastal and maritime regions. Its aim is to develop and demonstrate a comprehensive framework for understanding, preserving and utilizing maritime cultural heritage. 

PERICLES enables geographically balanced, interdisciplinary, mixed-method data gathering across key European maritime...

  • 2021
Improving the PERformance of MArine GOVernance in support of the EU green deal

PERMAGOV aims to streamline the implementation of sustainable marine management by focusing on cross-cutting policy priorities in key areas of transport, energy, life and litter.

The European Green Deal aims to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing Europe and...

  • 2026
Policy-oriented marine Environmental Research for the Southern European Seas

The overall scientific objectives of PERSEUS were to identify the interacting patterns of natural and human-derived pressures on the Mediterranean and Black Seas, assess their impact on marine ecosystems and, using the objectives and principles of the Marine Strategy Framework...

  • 2015
PHAROS4MPAs - Blue Economy and Marine Conservation: Safeguarding Mediterranean MPAs in order to achieve Good Environmental Status

The general objective of the PHAROS4MPAs project is to enhance management effectiveness and networking for Mediterranean MPAs, in order to contribute to the conservation of marine biodiversity and natural ecosystems, taking into account the complex ensemble of human activities developed...

  • 2020
Partnerships Involving Stakeholders in the Celtic Sea Ecosystem

PISCES aimed to improve implementation of European marine policy through multi-sector collaboration. PISCES was an innovative three and half year project (2009-2012) that created a unique partnership of sea-users from the UK, Ireland, France and Spain to jointly explore ways...

  • 2012
Plan Bothnia

The Plan Bothnia project has tested transboundary Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) in the Baltic Sea. The project used the Bothnian Sea area between Sweden and Finland as a case study and focused on planning inventory and the elaboration of MSP...

  • 2012
Plan4Blue - Maritime Spatial Planning for Sustainable Blue Economies

Plan4Blue supports growth of the marine and maritime sectors in a way that emphasizes the need to find a balance between economic, social and environmental goals.

The project activities focus on Gulf of Finland and Archipelago Sea areas covering sea...

  • 2019
Tools and capacities for an effective integrated planning in coastal zones and maritime areas in the Baltic, Adriatic and Black Sea regions

The aim of the PlanCoast project was to provide best practice examples and tools for effective integrated planning in coastal zones and marine areas. The key objective was to show the strengths of spatial planning instruments in facilitating effective Integrated...

  • 2008

The PADDLE Consortium aims to develop a more inclusive Community across tropical Atlantic joining researches about marine spatial planning in Brazil, West Africa and Europe, and explore alternative options to ensure that new models of production and ocean governance explicitly...

  • 2022
PLASMAR Project: Setting the bases for Sustainable Maritime Spatial Planning in Macaronesia

PLASMAR will define and propose robust scientific methodologies in support of Maritime Spatial Planning and Blue growth taking in consideration the biogeographic characteristics of the Macaronesian Region and searching for a balance between the diverse maritime sectors and the conservation...

  • 2019

The PLASMAR + project (2019-2022) has its origin in the results obtained in the previous PLASMAR project (2017-2020). Both projects cover the entire process related to Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP): from the inventory of the distribution of existing and future activities and uses to the contribution...

  • 2022
PORTODIMARE - geoPortal of Tools & Data for sustainable Management of coAstal and maRine Environment

PORTODIMARE aims to create a common platform (Geoportal) for data and information related to coastal and marine areas of the Adriatic-Ionian Region, by integrating existing databases, portals and tools developed by previous EU-funded projects (e.g. SHAPEADRIPLAN), local...

  • 2020