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An ever increasing variety of commercial activities are hosted nowadays by the European sea basins: oil and gas extraction, renewable energy production, pipelines, cables for telecommunications and electricity; shipping; cruise industry; fishery;
MUSICA project has developed a replicable smart multi-usage of space (MUS) platform for the concurrent use of three types of renewable energy – wind, PV and wave – at small islands.
The project intends to review and revise scientific methods for the implementation of the ecosystem approach. It further investigates which ecosystem processes and functions are essential for the implementation of the ecosystem approach.
The archipelago of Finland, Åland and Sweden is naturally nutrient-rich and highly productive, featuring a diverse and unique flora and fauna. However, there are conflicting needs when it comes to the use of the area.
In Europe, aquaculture accounts for about 20% of fish production and directly employs some 85 000 people. EU aquaculture is renowned for its high quality, sustainability and consumer protection standards.
The central aim of the North SEAfaring project was to raise the status of maritime heritage in regional and national spatial planning strategies.
The NorthSEE project promotes a better exchange among Maritime Spatial Planning authorities and related experts and institutions in the North Sea Region (NSR).


NSW provides tools necessary for planners, response organisations, economic actors and other stakeholders to assess and propose solutions for risk mitigation regarding wrecks and munitions in the North Sea.
The Ocean Metiss project is a joint action presented by Regional Council of Réunion Island as a local government in the quality of project coordinator, and the Prefect of the Région Réunion as State Representative, jointly sharing the responsibili
The OceanPlan project is a 3-year research project that investigates how Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) can be affected by and adapt to global climate change. ​​The project is funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), an
ODEMM focuses on the structure, tools and resources required to choose and evaluate management options that are based on the principles of Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM).
The OffshoreGrid Project developed a science-based vision for an offshore grid in Northern Europe along with a suitable regulatory framework that considers technical, economic, policy and regulatory aspects.