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Monitoring and Evaluation of Spatially Managed Areas

MESMA has focused on marine spatial planning and aimed to produce integrated management tools (concepts, models and guidelines) for Monitoring, Evaluation and implementation of Spatially Managed marine Areas, based on European collaboration.

MESMA has supplied innovative methods and integrated strategies...

  • 2013
MSFD Guiding Improvements in the Black Sea Integrated Monitoring System
The overall goal of MISIS is to support efforts to protect and restore the environmental quality and sustainability of the Black Sea.
  • 2014
Modeling of processes and phenomena at sea-land-atmosphere interface and the evaluation of their impact on marine and coastal environment

The main objectives of the project are:

  • to provide an overview of current activities of marine and coastal environmental monitoring  by creating datasets and a spatial database as specified by the INSPIRE Directive;
  • to introduce new methods of mapping /...
  • 2017
Securing the chain by intelligence at sea

MONALISA 2.0 is a concrete step in the process of further developing the Motorways of the Sea concept by implementing concrete pilot actions and studies that will foster deployment of new maritime services and processes. The following Activities are included...

  • 2015
Maritime, Ocean Sector and Ecosystem Sustainability: fostering blue growth in Atlantic marine industries (MOSES)

The MOSES Project started in February 2018 and is funded under Priority 4 (Enhancing biodiversity and the natural and cultural assets), Objective 4.1 (Improving the protection of biodiversity and ecosytems services) of the Interreg Atlantic Area Programme 2014-2020.

The objective...

  • 2021
Engaging Mediterranean key actors in Ecosystem Approach to manage Marine Protected Areas to face Climate change

The Mediterranean is being and will be heavily impacted by Climate Change (CC). There is a global (CBD), EU (Directive on Birds/Habitats) and Med (UNEP/MAP, MAPII, MSSD; Barcelona Convention) consensus to strengthen Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) as key tools to...

  • 2022
MPA Europe

The MPA Europe project (2023-2026) will map the optimal locations for Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in all European Seas. The approach applies a holistic range of measures that includes biodiversity from species to ecosystems, habitats, and the area covers the...

  • 2026
MPA Networks

The project will support testing and adaptation of tools and recommendations from previous projects to improve marine conservation on selected pilot sites, as well as facilitate the transfer of lessons learned and best practices to the MPA community around the Mediterranean.


  • 2022
MSP and the Impacts of Climate Change

This project is a part of the Blue Growth & Marine Planning Scheme established under the Union Priority 6 (Integrated Maritime Policy) of Ireland’s EMFF Operational Programme. It has been split into three categories, and the given project represents a part of the “Spatial Data...

  • 2019
MSP Data Governance

The project represents a part of the Blue Growth & Marine Planning Scheme, established under the Union Priority 6 (Integrated Maritime Policy) of Ireland’s EMFF Operational Programme. It splits into three categories, and represents a part of the “MSP Data Management”.

The aim of the project...

  • 2019
MSP Global Pilot Project: West Mediterranean

The pilot project in the West Mediterranean is being implemented in Algeria, France, Italy, Malta, Morocco, Spain and Tunisia, while other member countries of the Union for the Mediterranean in the Western Mediterranean can also participate in training activities.


  • 2019
MSP Med - Paving the Road to MSP in the Mediterranean

MSP-MEd aims to facilitate the implementation of the ICZM Protocol in the Mediterranean Sea. The Protocol includes several explicit references to marine spatial planning providing the legal basis for planning and management in the Mediterranean. Project activities evaluated related methodologies...

  • 2015