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HiSea is an EU-funded project that aims to develop, test and demonstrate information services that provides high resolution data of water quality at sea.
Better spatial planning is needed to reduce further deterioration of ecological conditions of the Baltic Sea. Special attention has to be paid to the most vulnerable coastal and archipelago areas.
The project scope is to raise public awareness of European identity by focusing on maritime cultural heritage, which by default bridges different civilizations.
iAtlantic assesses health of deep and open-ocean Atlantic ecosystems. It scales and standardises measurements from different disciplines so ecosystem status can be assessed against multiple stressors and global change.
This programme faces the challenge of managing protected marine areas (PMAs) close to port areas.
The project aims at developing and promoting common instruments and methodologies on Integrated Coastal Zone Management in 5 states, as well as to create a methodological framework, which could be incorporated into the administrative practice of all partner regions.
The EULF marine pilot supported Member States in complying with the MSFD obligations by providing guidance and building capacity in the stakeholder community.
The project is a part of the Blue Growth & Marine Planning Scheme, established under the Union Priority 6 (Integrated Maritime Policy) of Ireland’s EMFF Operational Programme.
The main objective of the LIFE-IP INTEMARES project is to implement the Prioritised Action Framework (PAF) for Natura 2000 in the Spanish marine Natura 2000 network and ensure that, upon completion, Spain has a consolidated network of marine Natur
The ITACA (Innovation Technologies and Applications for Coastal Archaeological sites) project aimed to prove a management system for underwater archaeological sites in coastal regions.
This project will address energy-related carbon emissions in North-West Europe (NWE) through the development of an all-in-one solution that includes clean predictable energy generation (tidal energy), safe export to the grid and the storage and de
KnowledgeFlows aims at further enforcing the European higher education community to meet the growing demands for knowledge, skills and innovation within the still emerging field of marine or maritime spatial planning (MSP).