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Innovative practices and technologies for developing sustainable aquaculture in the Baltic Sea region

The project strived to demonstrate that the Baltic Sea region aquaculture has the potential to become a sustainable and responsible food production system, accepted by all stakeholders. Aquabest aims to:

1. Start a self-evaluation of the environmental legislation and licensing...

  • 2013
Aquaspace: Ecosystem Approach to Making Space for Sustainable Aquaculture

The aquaculture sector needs to increase production in the face of declining wild fish stocks and increased demand for seafood worldwide.  Despite many government and EU initiatives to increase aquaculture development, European aquaculture production has flat-lined in recent years.


  • 2018
Archaeological management policies

The objective of ARCHAEOMAP is to develop balanced, interrelated policies with an integrated coastal zone management focus. It aims at protecting environmental resources and bio-cultural diversity, while supporting  socio-economic development trough cultural tourism.

ARCHAEOMAP proposed an interdisciplinary research agenda and capacity...

  • 2009
Autonomous underwater Robotic and sensing systems for Cultural Heritage discovery Conservation and in situ valorisation

The ARCHEOSUb project (Autonomous underwater Robotic and sensing systems for Cultural Heritage discovery Conservation and in situ valorisation) is set up with the purpose of developing products and services to support the discovery of new underwater cultural heritage sites (UCH). It...

  • 2020
ShARed GOvernance of Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture activities as leverage to protect marine resources in the Adriatic Sea

ARGOS sets up a common framework for governance where all Institutions competent for fisheries and aquaculture in the Programme area act as a whole in the management and protection of shared biological resources, under the best scientific guidance.

So the...

  • 2023
Promoting small-scale fisheries and aquaculture transnational networking in Adriatic-Ionian macroregion

ARIEL project is jointly promoted and developed by 9 scientific and institutional partners of 4 Countries (Italy, Croatia, Greece and Montenegro) and focuses on small-scale fishery and aquaculture which are two key drivers for blue and sustainable growth of Adriatic...

  • 2020
Action for the Reinforcement of the Transitional Waters' Environmental Integrity
Transitional waters (TW) link adjacent river basins and marine areas and are critically important for the ecological health of the Baltic Sea. The European Water Policy and the EU Water Framework Directive set the guidelines for managing river basins, while marine areas are managed within the EU Maritime Spatial Planning framework.
  • 2013
Baltic Sea Management - Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development of the Ecosystem through Spatial Planning
BALANCE aimed towards development of informed marine management tools for the Baltic Sea based on spatial planning and cross-sectoral and transnational co-operation.
  • 2013
Homogenized marine gravity maps of southern and eastern Baltic sea for modern 3d applications in marine geodesy, geology and navigation.

The project aims to increase the potential of national sectoral agencies and the Baltic Sea Hydrographic Commission (BSHC) to realize their tasks. BSHC is currently implementing a new and unified height reference system for the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) which...

  • 2024
Baltic History Beneath Surface: Underwater Heritage Trails In Situ and Online

The underwater landscape of the Baltic Sea is a unique ecological and cultural-historical environment resulting from the combination of a long seafaring history and good preservation conditions. The remains of shipwrecks in Estonian, Finnish and Swedish waters, many of them...

  • 2019
Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Baltic Sea Region

The aim of the BaltCoast project was to combine numerous concrete pilot projects and measures across the German, Swedish and Finnish Baltic Coast with the development of processes and regulations for spatial planning.

For first time in the Baltic Sea...

  • 2006
Initiating full scale mussel farming in the Baltic Sea

One of the most serious challenges the Baltic Sea is facing is eutrophication, the enrichment of ecosystems by chemical nutrients. The objective of the project is to remove nutrients from the Baltic Sea Region by farming and harvesting blue mussels...

  • 2019