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Fostering integrated governance for the joint sustainable use of human and natural capital in the near shore zone.

The complexity of land-sea interactions (LSI) and overlapping jurisdictions of various public authorities calls for multi-level governance (MLG) to balance different interests and drivers in coastal areas in order to achieve European Green Deal (EGD) goals and Sustainable Blue Economy...

  • 2025

Blue4All is focused on the analysis of the MPA process comprising all steps needed to successfully conserve and/or restore biodiversity by means of MPAs and other effective conservation measures (OECM). These steps comprise :

  • designation (i.e., delineation, eventual enlargement, identification...
  • 2026
Ecocentric management for sustainable fisheries and healthy marine ecosystems

The EcoScope project will develop an interoperable platform and a robust decision-making toolbox, available through a single public portal (The EcoScopium), to promote an efficient, ecosystem-based approach to the management of fisheries. Design and development of The EcoScopium will be...

  • 2025
Research of marine protected habitats in EEZ and determination of the necessary conservation status in Latvia

The invasive fish species round goby (Neogobius melanostomus) poses a significant threat to reef habitats in the eastern Baltic waters. Studies have shown that the highest number of round gobies along the Latvian coast is found at a depth of...

  • 2025
Enhancing the marine and coastal biodiversity of the Baltic Sea in Finland and promoting the sustainable use of marine resources

Biodiversea LIFE-IP is Finland’s largest collaborative project on safeguarding biodiversity in the Baltic Sea. The project enhances the protection of marine nature and promotes sustainable use of natural resources in the marine and coastal areas of Finland.

The goal of...

  • 2029
MARine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning leading to Ecosystem Services

The European Union and its Member States (MSs) have a fundamental need to understand how biodiversity and ecosystem functioning must be maintained to ensure that they deliver ecosystem services, goods and benefits, which in turn must be sustainably used by...

  • 2026

The new EU-funded project on Improved transdisciplinary science for effective ecosystem-based maritime spatial planning (MSP) and conservation in European Seas (MarinePlan) has recently started. The 14-17 November 2022 marks the official launch and kick-off meeting for the MarinePlan project in...

  • 2025
MPA Europe

The MPA Europe project (2023-2026) will map the optimal locations for Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in all European Seas. The approach applies a holistic range of measures that includes biodiversity from species to ecosystems, habitats, and the area covers the...

  • 2026
Improved Science-Based Maritime Spatial Planning to Safeguard and Restore Biodiversity in a Coherent European MPA Network

The MSP4BIO supports the implementation of the EU (European Union) Biodiversity Strategy (EUBS) 2030, the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) post-2020 framework, and the EU Green Deal. The MSP4Bio puts biodiversity considerations into policy decision processes to develop an integrated...

  • 2025
Improving the PERformance of MArine GOVernance in support of the EU green deal

PERMAGOV aims to streamline the implementation of sustainable marine management by focusing on cross-cutting policy priorities in key areas of transport, energy, life and litter.

The European Green Deal aims to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing Europe and...

  • 2026
Enabling comprehensive effective and efficient protection and restoration measures for a resilient Baltic Sea ecosystem

PROTECT BALTIC will function as a major contributor towards achieving the biodiversity goals of the Baltic Sea Action Plan, the EU Biodiversity Strategy and the CBD Global Biodiversity Targets in the Baltic...

  • 2028
Reviewing and Evaluating the Monitoring and Assessment of Maritime Spatial Planning

ReMAP is designed to strengthen the capability to monitor and assess Maritime Spatial Planning (MSPs). REMAP develops models and web tools based on an innovative technical framework, making the most of already operative data infrastructures, data collections and EU initiatives. ...

  • 2025