Ocean & Coastal Management

Aquaculture represents an important source of food and it plays an important role in terms of contribution to economic development.

Marine Policy Volume 127, May 2021, 104441

Systems of marine spatial planning (MSP) are now being introduced in many countries, with the intention of more rational arrangement of maritime uses and interests.


A wide range of knowledge and data are required to inform the process of Marine/Maritime Spatial Planning, to understand the ecological functioning of the marine system, and ensure that plans promote sustainable use of the marine and coastal space

For more than a decade, marine spatial planning has been used around the world to advance objectives for conservation, economic development, and ecosystem-based management.

Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning  

Although marine spatial planning (MSP) is increasingly being applied worldwide, it appears to be based on an ambiguity that has arisen from its dichotomous role of ensuring both conservation and development.

UNESCO-IOC Marine Spatial Planning Programme

The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO developed a ten-step guide defining the scope and the nature of marine spatial planning. MSP can be a key component to an ecosystem-based management of marine areas and marine resources.

Adriplan, Ritmare, Supreme, Erasmus Mundus Master Course on MSP

Marxan software and its advanced version Marxan with Zones, developed by the University of Queensland, were implemented and applied to the Adriatic-Ionian Region (AIR) and to the subarea of the Italian Emilia Romagna Region (RER).