Compromise Planning : A Theoretical Approach from a Distant Corner of Europe pp 129–152

This chapter is dedicated to an emerging theoretical current, motivated by the phenomenon of climate change, which seems to unite planning theory around a theme of global importance.

Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems

  1. The expansion and intensification of marine uses have severe cumulative impacts on marine ecosystems and human well-being, unless they are properly managed with an ecosystem-based management approach.

Marine Policy - Volume 135

Physical damage caused by the mechanical impact of bottom fishing gears on epibenthic community can reduce the biomass and coverage of habitat-forming species as well as the richness and diversity of the rest of the associated community.

Plan Ribera (2014) – Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment of Spain

The State Plan for the Protection of the Sea Shore against Pollution (Plan Ribera) includes aspects such as an atlas of sensitivity of the Spanish coast and an analysis of vulnerability and risk, as well as the logistical and management capacities necessary to deal with an episode of pollution of significant size and intensity.


The main objective of the HAZADR project was the establishment of a cross-border network for the prevention of risk and for the early management of emergencies related to pollution of the Adriatic Sea and its coasts.