The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy

The aim of this North Sea Policy Document is to provide transparency about the central government’s North Sea policy choices in the National Water Plan.

Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

The National Water Plan describes the measures that must be taken to keep the Netherlands safe and habitable for current and future generations and to make the most of the opportunities that water has to offer. 


Development of marine spatial plans for Dorset (England) and Heist (Belgium) and associated materials.

DGPM, Directorate General for Maritime Policy / Direção Geral de Política do Mar

An action plan aimed at the economic, social and environmental valorisation of the national maritime space through the implementation of sectoral and cross-sectoral projects.

Ireland CP, Integrated Marine Plan for Ireland

This sets out a roadmap for the Government’s vision, high-level goals and integrated actions across policy, governance and business to enable our marine potential to be realised.


The handbook is intended as a methodological and practical guide aiming to support the future evolution of the MSP approach in the Adriatic Region.

Plan Bothnia

The guidance provides a draft plan of the Bothnia Sea. It was developed and discussed jointly by a group of Finnish and Swedish participants. The map is followed by draft recommendations for certain designated issues.