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This report summarizes the results of the analysis of the prerequisites for a Systems Architecture for a Transnational Data Infrastructure for MSP (BASEMAPS).


The Atlantic Checkpoint is one of the six Sea Basin Checkpoints set up within EMODnet, the European Marine Observation and data Network providing access to European marine data. EMODnet Sea Basin Checkpoints assess the quality and the utility of the current observation monitoring data at the level of the regional sea-basins. The concept of the checkpoints was first raised in the Green Paper 'Marine Knowledge 2020: from seabed mapping to ocean forecasting and were proposed to address shortcomings which still exist in the availability and accessibility of marine data in the EC. The Atlantic Checkpoint tests available marine data against 11 “challenges”, related to blue economy sectors, the marine environment variability and change, the emergency management and the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity.


The EMODnet Black Sea checkpoint is a wide monitoring system assessment activity aiming to support the sustainable Blue Growth at the scale of the European Black Sea Basin.