Marine Policy - Volume 65

There is broad agreement that marine spatial planning (MSP) should incorporate transboundary considerations, reflecting the cross-border nature of marine and coastal ecosystem dynamics and maritime resources and activities.

Ocean & Coastal Management

The governance of shared waters involves complex interactions between actors and institutions embedded in different legislative approaches, cultures and administrative procedures.

United Nations Environment Programme – Mediterranean Action Plan (UN Environment/MAP)

The Priority Actions Programme Regional Activity Centre (PAP/RAC) is one the six Regional Activity Centres of the Mediterranean Action Plan (UN Environment/MAP).

Baltic SCOPE

Depending on the country, maritime spatial planners operate in different contexts and follow different objectives. Therefore, an evaluation framework for MSP has to be flexible, so that it can be adapted to different contexts.


This tool was developed as part of a case study in the SIMCelt project to understand the concept and application of Ecosystem Services for MSP in a transboundary context by using existing and readily available datasets.


Discusses integration challenges in MSP and develops a tentative typology of challenges associated with integration and a methodology for researching them, by developing a framework for analysing integration challenges for various context and basi

Baltic SCOPE

This report provides the summary of recommendations for cross-border MSP developed in the context of the Baltic SCOPE project.

Baltic SCOPE

This practice presents different aspects of stakeholder consultation in the Latvian MSP process.