Marine archaeologists have developed new techniques and guidelines for locating, assessing and managing Europe’s underwater cultural heritage.

The call for proposals aims to support demonstration projects based on innovative technologies testing/deploying/scaling-up of new industrial or service applications and solutions for the blue economy.

Such support is important to:

The call aims to accelerate the development of the blue economy in the Mediterranean through closer cooperation between public and private maritime stakeholders such as education and training institutes, maritime clusters and fisheries local commu

RVO and TKI Wind op Zee

Offshore wind energy is one of the renewable energy sources for the Netherlands with large potential. Currently the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) of offshore wind energy is much higher than the market price of energy.

RPF was established by the Republic of Cyprus in 1996 to serve as the national organisation for the promotion of scientific and technological research in Cyprus.

The aim is to generate new knowledge to develop commercial solutions for improving the socio-economic and environmental sustainability of the seafood production and processing industry.

This call for proposal aims at developing technologies and methods in order to test concepts of multi-use platforms leading to pilot demonstration phases. Projects should: