Marine Policy - Volume 136

With expanding human uses of sea space, the role of marine/maritime spatial planning (MSP) in supporting their sustainable co-existence and synergies, while preserving marine ecosystems, becomes an increasingly challenging task.


The EU wide Ocean Multi-Use Action Plan sets out the various actions and recommendations that can be taken at different levels to promote multi-use in European Seas, including those related to integration and coordination, policy and regulation, m


The intensity of both coastal and maritime activities in the study area has been constantly increased and new activities have been initiated or planned over the recent years, and that area is often in conflict with other activities or the objectives of environmental protection. Therefore, the case study is focused to investigate the land-sea interactions and the needs of maritime spatial planning.

The objective is to increase the levels of development and socio-economic integration of the three archipelagos promoting a strategy based on the promotion of the society of knowledge, sustainable ...