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Under the MSPGlobal initiative, two pilot projects, one in the Western Mediterranean and another in the Southeast Pacific, are facilitating concrete transboundary and cross-border activities as well as supporting the participating countries in suc

Journal of Cleaner Production - Volume 330

Area-Based Management Tools (ABMTs) are spatial instruments for conservation and managing different forms of ocean use.

Marine Policy, Volume 130

Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) has gained momentum recently. Almost all EU coastal states prepare various types of maritime spatial plans.

European Commission

The EU Blue Economy Report has become the reference to understand past developments, trends and future opportunities in the blue economy and all individual economic activities related to our seas and oceans in the EU and its Member States.

Citizen science is a powerful tool for climate action, sustainable development and environmental protection through civic engagement.

Whilst the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14 promotes the conservation and sustainable use of the seas, oceans and marine resources for sustainable development, decisions in ecosystem-based Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) follow annoying and c


PEGASO Spatial data Infrastructure (SDI) is a distributed data sharing infrastructure made up of GeoNodes composed of three main components: a Map Viewer, a Data Catalogue and a Map Atlas.


SymNet Project looks closer into the current status of the manufacturing, logistics, tourism and energy industries and the existing commercial networks in the Black Sea Basin as well as the dynamics of these four sectors in the participating countries.

The Agreement constitutes the main strategic plan for growth in Greece with the contribution of significant resources originating from the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) of the European Union.

RPF was established by the Republic of Cyprus in 1996 to serve as the national organisation for the promotion of scientific and technological research in Cyprus.


The main goal of this practice is to introduce an evaluation framework applicable to marine management in European countries.