Within the framework of the project ‘Strengthening the Capacity of MSP Stakeholders and Decision Makers: Capacity4MSP’, a practical, interactive collaboration platform for maritime spatial planning (hereinafter – MSP) stakeholders, practitioners,

Planning Practice & Research

There is already a substantial body of literature examining the participation issues in Marine Spatial Planning (MSP). This paper addresses these issues in the French MSP process.

Ocean & Coastal Management - Volume 197

Marine and estuarine management requires an excellent understanding of the interacting, interrelated and interdependent sub-systems comprising ecological, societal and management complexity.

Marine Policy, Volume 127

Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) is gaining importance as a new process for the governance of seas and oceans, as maritime nations exercise greater management over their territorial waters and, in many cases, over exclusive economic zones that span

European Commission

The EU Blue Economy Report has become the reference to understand past developments, trends and future opportunities in the blue economy and all individual economic activities related to our seas and oceans in the EU and its Member States.

Transaction in GIS

Maritime spatial planning (MSP) needs tools to facilitate discussions and manage spatial data in collaborative workshops that involve actors with various backgrounds and expertise.

Sustainability, volume 13

The experienced view of stakeholders is a very valuable tool to build inclusive and reliable maritime spatial planning (MSP).

Journal of Environmental Management 279

Offshore wind power generation requires large areas of sea to accommodate its activities, with increasing claims for exclusive access. As a result, pressure is placed on other established maritime uses, such as commercial fisheries.


This document constitutes the report on a workshop organised in the context of the EU funded CAPACTIY4MSP project.

Multi-use in ocean space, and seas, entails the co-location of different industries or technologies and their corresponding activities that take place at the same time in a specific location.

Ocean and Coastal Management

Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) has been heralded as the key means of achieving a more integrated approach to marine use across sectors and spatial scales.

Pan Baltic Scope 

The report aims at inspiring planners to work together for coherent maritime spatial planning. It acts as an institutional memory of the work done in the Planning Forum in the Pan Baltic Scope project.