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Journal of Coastal Conservation, volume 25

The Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) Directive was ratified (2014/89/EU) along the Strategy of the European Union (EU) on the Blue Economy to contribute to the effective management of maritime activities and resources and incorporate the principal

Marine Policy, volume 132

Increasing interests in marine areas has led to conflicts, and planning of present and future uses is required to achieve sustainable management.

Maritime Studies, 19, 241-254 (2020)

This study posit that the relational materiality of the ocean lends itself to the socio-legal construction of marine spaces as ‘common’, i.e.

Maritime studies 

Marine spatial planning (MSP) is advanced by its champions as an impartial and rational process that can address complex management issues.

During the last decades, increasing demands on marine resources and unsustainable activities taking place in the marine area compromise the future use of the marine environment.

Scotland's National Marine Plan

This document outlines the approach to the engagement of the public in the development of Scotland’s National Marine Plan (NMP). 


For the Spatial Development Plans of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern an on-line platform provides an overview of stakeholder participation processes.

CEMAT (16th session of the Council of Europe Conference of Ministers responsible for Spatial/Regional Planning)

The main objective of the Handbook is to contribute to improving knowledge of the basic theoretical and practical issues (including their legislative and institutional aspects) on public participation in spatial planning and spatial development in

Polish Offshore Wind Energy Society

A key concern for the success of MSP is active participation of stakeholders in the planning process. However, MSP is a relatively new concept for many stakeholders, at least in Poland.

Marine Management Organisation

The Statement of Public Participation (SPP) sets out how and when the MMO will engage with stakeholders during the marine planning process.


This book is a reflection of the spatial-analytical and design aspects of the GAUFRE report “Towards a Spatial Structure Plan for Sustainable Management of the Sea”.