The tool is developed within the framework of the IMPACT project which aims to support plans of transboundary actions for the protection of the MPAs, while at the same time allowing the development of ports.

A clear commitment of the European Green Deal is that “transport should become drastically less polluting”, highlighting in particular the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in aviation and waterborne transport.

Marine Traffic

MarineTraffic provides a monthly service recording 800 million vessel positions as well as 18 million vessel and port related events, which is useful for a MSP process.

The application of Measure 1.8 “Fishing ports, quays for unloading, fish markets and shelters” (Programme for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries 2014-2020) is expected to contribute to attaining the specific objective “Improving competitiveness and vi


The study is an example of how MSP and ecosystem based principles and actual planning process has influenced the search and assessment of new disposal sites at the nearshore of Lithuania.