Pan Baltic Scope

The report presents the results of the Pan Baltic Scope project focused on the monitoring and evaluation of MSP. The activity consisted of two parts.

Poland MSP

This group acts as a coordinating body within the Polish government in relation to use and conservation of marine resources and ecosystem services as well as the sea-related abiotic services.

German-Polish Spatial Planning Committee

The web-portal provides information about the work of the German-Polish Committee for Spatial Planning and invites stakeholders to actively participate in current and future processes.

Polish Offshore Wind Energy Society

A key concern for the success of MSP is active participation of stakeholders in the planning process. However, MSP is a relatively new concept for many stakeholders, at least in Poland.

The Vistula Lagoon is one of the most important spawning areas for the Baltic herring and at the moment there is no joint trans-border management plan of activities. Trans-regional cooperation between Russia and Poland needs to be initiated.