planning process

Marine Policy, Volume 143

As marine spatial planning (MSP) continues to gain global prominence as an approach to ocean governance, planners and other stakeholders are eager to evaluate its social and ecological outcomes and to better understand whether plans are achieving

Marine Policy, Volume 123

The aim of this study is to elaborate on the business sector’s interest and involvement in MSP in the Baltic Sea region. The findings are based on the first-hand experiences of MSP authorities and experts.

Pan Baltic Scope

"Guidelines for Planning Marine Coastal Waters and the Adjacent Land Areas at the Local Level" are being developed as part of the EASME/EMFF/2016/ – Maritime Spatial Planning (PanBalticScope) project.

Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management

As a response to sectoral challenges and to the EU directive for marine spatial planning, the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, on behalf of the Swedish government, has developed a roadmap for a national marine spatial plan.