Ocean & Coastal Management Volume 198

In the EU setting, Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) is portrayed as providing a framework for arbitrating between competing human activities and managing their impact on the marine environment.

UNESCO-IOC Marine Spatial Planning Programme

The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO developed a ten-step guide defining the scope and the nature of marine spatial planning. MSP can be a key component to an ecosystem-based management of marine areas and marine resources.

The Nautical Institute

Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) will become an increasingly important issue for the shipping sector over the next few years.


The objective of the AILERON project is to develop a methodology and algorithms to help maritime decision making, when several decision-makers are involved, as well as to propose a software platform, called DESEASION, to support the decision aidin

The aim is to support the establishment and implementation of MSPs in line with the EU Directive on MSP, including capacity building and support in establishing cooperation mechanisms.

Belgium - MSP

These brochures summarize the marine spatial plan for the Belgian Part of the North Sea.

Marine Scotland

The National Marine Plan (NMP) provides the overarching policy framework for marine spatial planning and the sustainable development of inshore and offshore waters around Scotland.

Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie

The plan contains provisions aimed at coordinating shipping, resource exploitation, pipelines & submarine cables, scientific marine research, wind power production, fisheries and mariculture & environmental protection.