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There is already a substantial body of literature examining the participation issues in Marine Spatial Planning (MSP). This paper addresses these issues in the French MSP process.


Marine/Maritime Spatial Planning has been increasingly recognised as an important framework for integrated ocean governance, seeking to achieve specific environmental and socioeconomic objectives implemented by governmental authorities, maritime s

Maritime Spatial Planning

Institutional systems and practices in marine/maritime spatial planning (MSP) are evolving rapidly. At the same time, cross-border learning and exchange are still at an early stage.


This handbook was drafted in the context of the BONUS BASMATI project which aims at developing innovative solutions for Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) in the Baltic Sea.

Maritime Spatial Planning

This chapter presents a contribution to the MSP literature that is practice-based and is primarily targeted towards planners and a general audience.

Marine spatial planning (MSP) has been lauded as a remedy to unsuitable marine management. There is, however, growing MSP research illustrating that it is failing to foster paradigm shifts towards sustainable governance.

Journal of Environmental Policy and PlanningĀ 

Marine spatial planning (MSP) has become the most adopted approach for sustainable marine governance.


This article elaborates a conceptual framework to examine social sustainability in marine spatial planning (MSP).

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The Belgian State Secretary for the North Sea, attached to the Minister of Social Affairs and Public Health, has overseen the development of a Long term Vision Document for the Belgian Part of the North Sea 2050 through an integrated and participa

Polish Offshore Wind Energy Society

A key concern for the success of MSP is active participation of stakeholders in the planning process. However, MSP is a relatively new concept for many stakeholders, at least in Poland.