offshore wind energy


This guidance document has been created for the Baltic Sea Region, which would specifically target the impacts of offshore wind farms on biodiversity in the more Northern parts of the Baltic Sea (marine areas of Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia

Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda of Spain

The study contributes to the design of potential projects of marine wind farms. There is a variety of effects and conflicts related to the location of these of these wind farms and the involvement and coordination of the different administrations and stakeholders concerned.

UK Government - Department of Energy & CLimate Change

The UK Government developed a draft plan/programme for Offshore Energy in the UK. To analyse the environmental consequences a SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment) has been undertaken.

UK - Scotland

This report describes the process employed by Marine Scotland to identify strategic search areas for future commercial scale offshore wind developments in Scottish Territorial Waters (STW).

UK - Scotland - Blue Seas, Green Energy

This Sectoral Plan contains proposals for offshore wind energy development in Scottish Territorial Waters up to 2020 and beyond.

Fishery Liaison with Offshore Wind and Wet Renewables Group (FLOWW)

This guidance is intended for offshore renewable energy installations (OREI) developers and the commercial Fishery industry.


Compilation of potential and current best practices for addressing interactions and supporting successful cooperation between commercial fishery and offshore wind interests.

BaltSeaPlan, BaltSPACE

The study uses Marxan, (a decision support tool for mostly used in conservation planning) to optimize algorithms to find the most cost-efficient site selection suitable for offshore wind farm installations in Germany, Sweden, Poland and Denmark.