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Seas At Risk

Following the release of the EU Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy at the end of 2020, Seas At Risk published a report setting out some principles that offshore renewable energy planning at regional and national levels should adhere to in order to

Plemmirio Marine Protected Area

Located in the eastern coast of Sicily, Italy, the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area (MPA) covers an area of 2400 ha.


The VIBEG agreement is assisting the implementation of the Nature2000 goals in the Nature 2000 areas Vlakte van Raan and North Sea Coastal Zone in The Netherlands. It incorporates the interest of the Dutch fishing industry.


The MARMONI project included research on developing idicators for the assessment of the state of marine biodiversity, which is a very new and developing topic in the first decade of the 21st century in the Baltic Sea Region.

Natural England is seeking to identify a boundary for a marine SPA around the existing Isles of Scilly SPA, which is currently limited in extent to the land.