Natura 2000

Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) is bringing new challenges to planning and management in the marine realm, namely on the environmental assessment of the new plans and projects.


This report examines and summarizes the role of the Natura 2000 nature protection framework in MSP.

European Commission- DG Environment

The aim of this document is to offer guidance which would facilitate the knowledge and implementation of EU legislation underpinning Natura 2000 in relation to aquaculture activities.


The VIBEG agreement is assisting the implementation of the Nature2000 goals in the Nature 2000 areas Vlakte van Raan and North Sea Coastal Zone in The Netherlands. It incorporates the interest of the Dutch fishing industry.

The aim is to complete the establishment of the Natura 2000 network in the marine areas, creating a GIS database, which stores the products of the project, and which is to be included in the information system of the protected areas of the NATURA 2000.

LIFE Nature & Biodiversity co-finances action grants for best practice, pilot and demonstration projects that contribute to the implementation of the Birds and Habitats Directives and the Union Biodiversity Strategy  2020, as well as the devel


This set of practical information shows essential fish habitats and fish migration patters in the Northers Baltic Sea


Practical criteria and a first set of tools that can be used repeatedly to assess ecological coherence of the Baltic Sea MPA networks.


This report summaries the work related to marine landscape and habitat mapping published in 17 independent BALANCE Interim Reports. The BALANCE mapping efforts has operated at two scales:

1) the Regional Sea scale 


DISPLACE allows contributing to marine spatial planning for evaluating the effects on stocks and fisheries and ultimately incorporating other utilization of the sea such as energy production, transport, recreational use, etc.


The model was developed to predict the location of Furcellaria lumbricalis habitats along the Latvian coast.

COEXIST Guidance of better integration of Aquaculture, Fisheries, and other Activities in the Coastal Zone

This is a multi-fleet, multispecies, bio-economic simulation and optimisation model to evaluate, management strategies.